Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pine cones, old and new

My Japanese larch bonsai has produced some pine cones again this year. The ones from three years ago are still hanging on to the tree!

It's pouring with rain here today, and the temperature has plummeted back down to 6 degrees C!

Update: I took a photo of the whole tree today. It's about three feet across..I had to saw two large branches from the bottom of the trunk last winter as they were completely dead. Not really sure if the lower branches are meant to die off as the tree gets taller..I'm not a bonsai expert.


  1. Have you noticed that these coniferous bonsai are on the same schedule as their outdoor friends? My yew put out a new flush of growth the same week as the ones outdoors.

  2. That's interesting, Sam. All my bonsais here are kept out-doors in the garden (hence I've lost a few from frost)..and the oak tree is always the last to come back to life after winter.

  3. those cones and leaves would make some nice texture on pots. I've heard it said oak trees know when to put forth their leaves after the last frost. Hope you show a distant photo of the larch to see the scale and shape.

  4. Thanks, Linda. Yes, that is an idea, or firing the dead leaves in a saggar may be interesting too. I will take another shot of the whole tree..the one I took today didn't come out well..then it started pouring down! The cones are very small, only about 2 cms tall.