Friday, 14 September 2012

Playing with textures

Just lately I've been exploring new textures, using a variety of tools to carve and scrape the clay into shape. I'm looking for stone-like surfaces which I can fire in a wood kiln without a glaze, but it hasn't proved easy to achieve textures which look natural and authentic, as well as being pleasing to the eye. There is, I think, a fine balance to be achieved between texture and seems that the more dramatic and "loose" the texture, the harder it is to keep control of the form.

Here are a few examples of pieces I've produced over the last week or so. Just greenware at the moment, but hopefully I will be able to fire them at the end of this month.

The sake cups in the third and fourth photos down were very experimental. Made from very coarse clay with extra sand and grog added, they were formed by placing a soft ball of clay over the end of a wooden rolling pin. The clay was then carved just using the side of an index finger. I like this kind of random surface but the overall shape is less appealing..and it's impossible to remove the piece and adjust the form without destroying the rough texture.