Thursday, 16 May 2013

A lucky find

I rode over to Sandbach this morning, as it was quite sunny and warm. In a bric-a-brac shop I was lucky to stumble across this wonderful bud vase. It's from the Leach Pottery, thrown in porcelain, and possibly made by David, son of Bernard Leach. I love the iron specks in the glaze. A cracking little pot..only 7 cms tall but perfect in every way.


  1. I love the speckles of both silver grey and red. Very attractive! The pale parts look a kind of resist. It is unusual to use this types of glazes on porcelain, isn't it? Congrats on your find! : )

    1. Hi, Midori, thank you! :) I have seen tenmoku on porcelain which works very nicely in reduction, but never this kind of glaze. I'm really not sure how this effect was achieved.