Saturday, 23 March 2013

Latest electric firing 21/03/213

A few photos of pieces from Thursday's electric firing:

Jar or vase, approx 5 inches tall

Jar or vase (b)

Water dropper, approx 2.5 inches tall

Vase, approx 4 inches tall

Lidded container, approx 3 inches tall

Guinomi, approx 3 inches tall

Carved vase, approx 3.5 inches tall

Jar or vase, approx. 3 inches tall

Bottle vase, approx 4 inches tall

Cup, approx. 2.5 inches tall
Dancing vase, approx 3.5 inches tall
Dancing vase (b)

The vase in the last photo was fired three times, first in a wood kiln, then in the electric to cone 10. I wasn't completely satisfied with it, so I dipped the top third in my new oribe glaze and fired it again to cone 10. I like this piece much more now, and was surprised how well the glaze turned out, considering it was applied to stoneware!


  1. Love love love this dancing vase ! It is really interesting. Fired three times, it was serious work and great result ;) Bravo.

    1. Thanks so much..yes, alot of work for one very small piece. Well, I'm glad I kept going.