Wednesday, 17 August 2011

First tea bowl with an ash glaze!

I've only recently started using ash glazes, and this tea bowl was one of the really nice surprises from the last wood firing at Thoresby Hall. It was glazed with an oak ash glaze, and raw oak ash was also added to the rim. I was amazed by the dappled patterns and the deep yellows and dark purple tones, which blend together beautifully. This piece has really sparked my enthusiasm for trying out more ash glazes..I just need to find some reliable sources of different types of tree ash. My thanks go to Sue Mulroy who kindly provided me with a carrier bag full of oak ash from her kiln at Blackwell Farm in the Peak District.

Tea bowl with ash glaze. Approx 3 inches tall.

A 360 degree HD video of this piece is available on Youtube:

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