Sunday, 10 June 2012

One little pot I forgot

I meant to include this one in my post on Friday..a small vase with three layers of slip and the lower-temperature ash glaze (cone 8 with a 45 minute soak this time). I was pleased that the top layer of decoration has stayed quite solid and crisp. I think that was the high-iron slip..

Vase, approx 3 inches tall

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Interesting that some of the white slip is showing through the dark brown, not something I'd expected. There is a bit of yellowing in the glaze where the ash content is higher..I'm not entirely sure it's an attractive feature, but that's the colour ash turns in an electric firing.

The ash I used in this glaze was primarily had been washed, but the resulting glaze wasn't passed through an 80s mesh sieve. The previous time, I sieved it, and noticed that a large amount of ash wouldn't pass through the mesh. Without sieving, you end up with various sizes of particles, and the larger ones sink to the bottom very you tend to get different concentrations of ash depending on how much is picked up by the glaze brush.

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