Sunday, 1 December 2019

New "boulder vase" fired 28/11/19

I was pleased with this new piece which was handbuilt from slabs of clay with an applied texture.
The black slip and several matt glazes were layered in places and it's interesting to observe how they've interacted with each other. The clay body is a mix of red clay and coarse raku and on its own it tends not to be watertight. Even with a dolomite glaze over it it can sometimes leak if the glaze doesn't get into all the pits etc. So it was a nice surprise to find that this vase does hold water very well. All the glazes were brushed on which makes the finish more uneven and unpredictable, but on this rock-like form I think that works to their advantage, with some of the split and cracked surface looking rather like lichen.

Boulder vase, oxidised firing cone 8

Thanks for looking!


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