Thursday, 7 November 2019

Some recent pieces and new glazes for texture.

Hello again, Everyone!

A quick update to show some pieces from the last two firings. I'm still moving forward with the textured surfaces and enjoying playing around with different finishes for them. Recently, I've tried to reveal and enhance the textures more by applying slips and matt glazes which can give a more natural rock-like appearance. I'm quite excited by the possibilities of these new glazes, especially ones which crack and split, but as always with ceramics it's a slow process of trial and error to discover what works best. I'm also finding that in some cases, firing lower, to cone 6, allows a little more control/predictability when layering two or three glazes as they then don't fuse and merge together as much.

This carved sake cup was electric fired twice; once in a sealed saggar with charcoal to cone 8 and then in oxidation. The china clay-ball clay slip has turned a very pale shade of pink which is something new for me!

Thanks for looking!

Never give up, the best is yet to come.

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