Sunday, 1 December 2013

Carving sake cups today

I threw some sake cups a few days ago and this afternoon I've been finishing off the feet. When I've thrown off the hump in the past I often found it quite tricky to trim them on the wheel, either because they were cut off unevenly from the hump, or I distorted the shape of the bowl a little so they wouldn't sit flat on the wheel head.  I rather like the random unevenness and roughness of the base, so I decided to trim these by hand and was happier with some of the results.

Of course, carving the bases is more difficult and less predictable so the failure rate tends to be higher. But on the plus side, throwing off the hump is quite efficient so I can throw alot of these little bowls in one sitting.


  1. I like throwing off the hump because it is much quicker. :D A lovely feet you made. I like the last one! : )

    1. Thank you, Midori, I really enjoy throwing off the's more free in a way..