Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pots from the October wood firing

As promised, here's a selection of my pieces pulled from the Manor Stokes kiln on 8th October. Overall it was an excellent firing with good levels of reduction throughout the kiln, even at the top which is often fairly oxidized. I was delighted with most of the pots, especially those placed near the firebox which were beautifully coloured by the ash and flame.

Vase, shino glaze

Vase, matte ash glazes

Vase, shino glaze

Iga style vase, 8 ins tall
With the Iga style vase above, I tried adding extra wood ash by mixing it with plain flour and water and applying the paste to the bisqued surface. The plain flour is used only to make the ash stick to the pot..the idea being that it burns out completely in the firing. Due to the very heavy reduction in the mouth of the firebox, the flour hasn't completely burned out, and the ash didn't get quite hot enough to fully melt, hence the very crusty surface which is rather crumbly in places. Although I like the look of this vase, it will probably need re-firing at some point.


Guinomi, carbon-trap shino

Vase, black slip decoration

Tea bowl, celadon glaze

Lidded container

Celadon vase

Lidded container
Vase with shino glaze pours

Small textured vase

Carved vase
Close-up of texture, carved vase

Underside of carved vase
Carved vase, 12 ins tall
Incidentally, I managed to bisque the very tall bottle vase in my electric kiln yesterday! The height of the kiln was extended with lightweight bricks and brought in pyramid style, round the top of the vase.

A few layers of kiln fibre for the roof and it was ready to fire. It took a little longer than a normal bisque but worked fine, I may even try this method for a glaze firing.. I think it could even work for a stoneware firing to cone 7...cone 10 might be pushing it, and no doubt there would be some problems with uneven temperature.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. All your pots are so beautiful, Mark! Congratulations! I love the 1st and 3rd images most, as I am shino lover. Carved vase and black slip look so attractive! I am so envious of your wood firing! Well done! : )

    1. Thanks so much, Midori! Your kind comments cheered me up on this rather gloomy day. :)

  2. Very nice pots Mark!

    Keep up the making even if it is cold and damp.
    Your work will warm up peoples hearts....

    1. Hello Michel, How nice to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement..I hope the weather is more pleasant for you down in Cornwall. :)