Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Throwing larger pieces

I'm making a conscious effort to throw larger pots at the moment, and doing it with much softer, wetter clay than normal. It's been alot easier than I expected, but I think the intense heat we've been experiencing really helps in keeping the clay upright. It could be a very different story on a damp, cold autumn day!

The height of this jar is only 8.5 inches, but to me it looks alot taller:

A fairly large tea bowl, about 6 inches wide:

And a rather "wabi sabi" chawan:

I'm fairly pleased with the form of this bowl but not entirely sure I like the curves of the rim. The footring or "koudai" (as it's called in Japan) was hand carved.


  1. I know that feeling 'to me it looks a lot taller'! But with the curve, you must have lifted it much taller before making shape. A lovely shape jar!

    I like hand carved koudai I used to see in Japanese pottery. When I made it, it didn't look dynamic enough...sadly.

  2. Thank you, Midori, glad you like the jar. :) Carving the koudai is very difficult .. I just try to keep practising and learning about techniques, which is not easy living so far from Japan!