Sunday, 6 May 2012

A coiled form

I made this coiled form over the last four or five days, adding a couple of new layers of clay each day. I've not made large pieces just by coiling before, and I found it very difficult to achieve the exact form I wanted. With this method, I think one needs to have a very clear idea of the final design, since the shape can't be roughed out, and then pared down, as it can with a solid sculpture built onto a support. I wasn't entirely happy with it, especially  the side view, so I decided to take the knife to it and recycle the clay. I made a couple of quick cuts without thinking and suddenly the piece looked a whole lot more interesting..

approx 15 inches tall


  1. Interesting way. Sometimees we don't need to think -- and it works !

  2. if it was waiting to become something...

    keep on :)

  3. thank you both for the encouraging words!