Sunday, 13 May 2012

A bit of sun at last!

Hooray, the weather has finally broken a little and we have some sunny spells. I'm doing a small electric firing today, testing a new saggar which I've made just by coiling raku clay. It doesn't have a bottom, so I'm using a combination of kiln fibre and a thick layer of sand in the base to make it airtight. Not sure if it will work, so I've just put a couple of pots in to see if a reduction atmosphere is produced. I'm hoping that the raku clay will withstand the thermal shock of repeat firings and that the lack of a base may make it less likely to crack..we shall see.

soaking up the sun


  1. Lovely Sun in your photo :)
    Good luck for your little firing. By the way, it must be finished now? So how are results?

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. I just posted some of the results! :)