Friday, 22 February 2013

Manor Stokes wood firing Feb 2013

Here are a few of my best pieces from the latest firing we unloaded on Wednesday this week. We had a beautiful mild, sunny day for the firing and a freezing, damp day for the unpacking.

Sake cup

Sake cup

Tea bowl, iron decoration with shino inside

Unglazed vase

Unglazed vase (b)
Unglazed vase (c)

Vase, unglazed outside, shino inside
Vase, unglazed outside, shino inside (b)
Jar or vase with shino glaze
Vase, approx 5 inches tall

Coffee mug, carbon-trap shino (b)
Vase, shino glaze, approx. 5 inches tall
Many thanks again to Sarah Villeneau, Penny Withers and everyone else on the team for their help in making the firing a success.

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