Friday, 3 February 2012

Trying out the new carving tool

I'm really enjoying practising with the new carving tool I made the other day. It allows me to make a variety of concave cut marks..the curvature of the blade also provides a bit more freedom of movement as it can swivel and twist under the surface quite easily. Here a couple of pieces I carved over the last couple of days:

Carved sake cup, approx 3 inches tall

Carved bowl, approx 4 inches wide

It's a refreshing minus 6 degrees C here this morning, so I'm wondering if all the clay has frozen solid. The electric kiln is buzzing away for a biscuit firing, so hopefully that will warm things up enough so I can work in there later on. Then at the weekend I can finally get on with preparing a glaze seems like a long time since the last one.

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